Soaring self-employment underlines importance of Taylor Review


IPSE has responded to the ONS employment figures out today (15 February), which showed self-employment rising by 125,000 to 4.8 million in the three months to December 2016.

Chris Bryce, IPSE CEO, commented: “The continued growth of self-employment is a sign of the UK economy’s resilience through 2016. More people launching a solo business makes for a stronger labour market, with unemployment falling to an 11-year low.

“However, there are challenges ahead. A minority of self-employed people should not be classed as such, and are being exploited by unscrupulous firms. We need to make the distinction between the vulnerable and the millions of highly skilled, highly paid professionals who work this way by choice.

“It’s good to see the Government addressing this issue with the Taylor Review of modern employment practices. Mr Taylor must now be sure to call out those companies using self-employment to deny their workers their rights, while also supporting people who wouldn’t choose to work any other way.”

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