IPSE welcomes DWP auto-enrolment review


IPSE has today responded to the Department for Work and Pensions’ review into automatic pension enrolment. The review, which acknowledges the diversity of self-employment, proposes testing a range of different ‘interventions from 2018’ to identify the best solutions for the self-employed. 

Jonathan Lima Matthews, IPSE’s Senior Policy Advisor, commented: “This review is a definite step forward in the Government’s approach to pensions for the self-employed. Not only does it acknowledge the true diversity of the UK’s self-employed community; it also accepts that one-size-fits-all solutions simply will not work.

“The report acknowledges that among the self-employed, while some groups have made provisions for later life, others need targeted interventions to get them saving. DWP has done the right thing by deciding to take the time to trial different solutions to fit this hugely varied sector. IPSE will continue its work in this field, sharing the results of our own research as soon as they are available.”

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