IPSE reacts to Uber’s successful licence appeal


IPSE has today reacted to the Westminster Magistrates’ Court ruling that granted a probationary licence for Uber to operate in London.

Chris Bryce, IPSE’s CEO, commented: “The safety of passengers is of paramount importance and should always be the priority. Uber accepted it was right that their licence was revoked in September but have since implemented wide-ranging changes to improve safety for all.

“Today’s decision will be welcome news for the 45,000 hardworking, honest and dedicated Uber partner drivers, who value the flexibility that this way of working provides. It is also good news for the millions of Londoners who have embraced Uber and don’t want to see beneficial transportation options and innovation regulated out of existence.

“Now more than ever the UK should be encouraging innovation and nurturing its flexible labour market.

“While today’s decision provides drivers with some clarity, the Government’s failure to legally define self-employment is undermining confidence in the UK’s wider flexible labour market.

“Rather than waiting for costly, time-consuming court cases – like yesterday’s Hermes decision – to determine employment status, the Government should write a positive definition of self-employment into statute.”

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