IPSE drives on with Uber partnership


IPSE is committed to representing all self-employed people in the UK. We are therefore delighted to announce a new partnership with Uber that strengthens IPSE’s position as the most influential voice for the self-employed in the UK.

The new venture will see IPSE offer a bespoke membership package to drivers who use Uber, the popular app which connects riders with licensed private hire drivers. 

In welcoming drivers who use the Uber app, IPSE worked hard to develop a membership offering for this growing sector of the self-employed.

Some of the benefits they will receive include: 

• Sickness and injury cover up to £2,000 – if unable to work for two weeks or more. 

• Jury service cover up to £2,000

• Access to free advice and support on paying tax as well as personal finance issues such as mortgages, pensions and saving for the future. 

For decades, private hire and taxi drivers have been self-employed. Welcoming drivers who use Uber into our membership solidifies IPSE’s status as the organisation representing every person who works for themselves in the UK. 

IPSE is also happy to announce that 2017 will see the introduction of further initiatives that will make our voice stronger, helping us reach out to every sector of the self-employed. 

Meet the author

Chris Bryce

Chief Executive

Chris was one of the original 2,000 members of the organisation when it was formed as the Professional Contractors Group in 1999 and was a long-time contractor with a strong client base in global scale change management.

Before becoming a contractor Chris had a career in sales and marketing followed by 10 years in senior management in the logistics industry. Chris was appointed as Interim CEO in June 2013 and accepted the role permanently in December 2013.

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