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IPSE ‘cautiously supportive’ of Government’s gig reforms

Today IPSE has expressed cautious support for the Government’s ‘Good Work Plan’, while urging MPs not to regulate people out of self-employment against their will.  


Today’s announcement takes forward 51 of the 53 recommendations made by Matthew Taylor in his 2017 review of Modern Working Practices. 

Andy Chamberlain, IPSE’s Deputy Policy Director, commented: “IPSE is cautiously supportive of these proposals, which appear to preserve the flexibility people crave and don’t snuff out the entrepreneurial spirit of people who want to strike-out on their own.

“We are glad the message appears to be getting through that for most people, gig work is good work.

“The overwhelming majority of people actively choose to be self-employed because they value the flexibility of being their own boss.

 “We are glad the Government has listened to IPSE and have signalled they will introduce legislation to simplify employment status.  

“The devil of course will be in the detail, and the Government must ensure it doesn’t legislate people out of self-employment against their will.   

“IPSE will strongly resist any attempt to push all gig workers into the worker category, as this deprives people of the flexibility of being their own boss.

“IPSE also doesn’t want the Government to align tax and employment tests, especially if it turns out to be a tax grab dressed up as giving people more rights they don’t necessarily want.”