Call for evidence on collaborative platforms and the gig economy


The Scottish Government has asked for input on a review about the collaborative platforms and the gig economy. IPSE will be responding to this review and is inviting members to share their experiences of working via collaborative platforms, and any suggestions on how legislation may improve this way of working.

In the context of this review the ‘collaborative economy’ is defined as:

The collaborative economy connects individuals or communities via online platforms enabling the sharing or provision of goods and services, assets and resources without the need for ownership. Essentially it is a form of sharing amongst users and providers, who are connected by an app or website, therefore creating an online marketplace. Prominent examples of this include Uber, Airbnb, Deliveroo, Hassle, Kickstarter and TaskRabbit.

The Scottish Expert Advisory Panel on the Collaborative Economy will conduct the review with the purpose of providing advice, expertise and experience to on-going policy development on the collaborative economy. The review will also make recommendations to Scottish ministers on how Scotland can position itself to take advantage of the many opportunities of the collaborative economy and overcome any regulatory, economic and social challenges.

How to submit your feedback

For more information and to respond to the review directly click here. If you wish to contribute to IPSE’s response, please send an email to [email protected] by 19 May with your feedback to either a selection or all of the following questions covered by the review:

What are the key opportunities that you see for the collaborative economy in Scotland?
What are the key challenges that you see arising for the collaborative economy in Scotland?
Are contributors (consumers, providers and businesses) to the collaborative economy suitably protected by existing legislation?
Do you think that the collaborative economy is suitably regulated whilst still allowing competition and innovation to flourish? If not, what are the gaps?
What do you think are the barriers which are constraining growth of the collaborative economy in Scotland?
What role do you think government should play?
Do you have any general comments about the collaborative economy?

Any views, experiences or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as they will help us gain more insight into an increasing prominent feature of political discussions around the UK.  

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