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Men earn 43 per cent more than women in self-employment, IPSE research reveals

There is a 43 per cent gender pay gap among the self-employed, research by IPSE has found. This is significantly higher than the 17 per cent among employees.

IPSE research: a third of freelancers plan to stop contracting in the UK because of IR35 changes

New IPSE research shows that almost a third of freelancers plan to stop contracting in the UK because of the changes to IR35 due in April.

IPSE: Female freelancers making “positive choice” drive self-employed to record 5 million

IPSE welcomes rise in self-employment to over 5 million and points to rise in female freelancing driving it.

Feeling down at work on Blue Monday? Freelancing could be the answer

IPSE research shows that freelancers are significantly happier with their work than employees.

Freelancers’ confidence is the lowest on record, but they have “kicked into overdrive” to prepare for IR35 and Brexit

IPSE's latest Confidence Index shows freelancers' confidence is the lowest on record and they are working more to prepare for a difficult year.

IPSE research: Over fifties are driving the rise of self-employment

New IPSE research shows over-fifties have been one of the big drivers of the rise in self-employment over the last 10 years.

IPSE praises NEA as “vital tool” for the self-employed

IPSE's response to new government figures on the success of the New Enterprise Allowance.

National Work-Life Week: 21 per cent of freelancers spent their summer holiday chasing late payment

For National Work-Life Week, IPSE is calling on government to clamp down on late payment, to allow the UK’s 4.9-million self-employed workforce to enjoy a better work-life balance.