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IPSE pushing to ensure fair holiday pay for umbrella workers

IPSE has responded to reports of people working through umbrella companies not getting their fair holiday pay.

IPSE: “unanswered questions” about government proposal for rolling in-year self-employed tax system

IPSE responds to government's proposed pay-as-you-go tax system for the self-employed.

IPSE welcomes Small Business Commissioner Liz Barclay and urges pandemic late payment clampdown

IPSE looks forward to working with new Small Business Commissioner Liz Barclay to tackle late payment.

A win for IPSE's campaign on late payment – and what it means for you

After IPSE lobbying, government is starting a consultation on giving the Small Business Commissioner more powers to clamp down on late payment.

Men earn 43 per cent more than women in self-employment, IPSE research reveals

There is a 43 per cent gender pay gap among the self-employed, research by IPSE has found. This is significantly higher than the 17 per cent among employees.

IPSE: Vital Small Business Commissioner post is filled quickly to maintain momentum against the “scourge of late payment”

IPSE's response to the announcement that Small Business Commissioner Paul Uppal has resigned.

National Work-Life Week: 21 per cent of freelancers spent their summer holiday chasing late payment

For National Work-Life Week, IPSE is calling on government to clamp down on late payment, to allow the UK’s 4.9-million self-employed workforce to enjoy a better work-life balance.

Late payment ‘endemic’ in British industry, IPSE warns

IPSE has responded to 18 businesses being penalised for late payment, warning it shows the practice is ‘endemic’ in British industry.