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IPSE welcomes announcement on rural 4G improvements

The government led scheme to extend 4G coverage across rural ‘blind spots’ has been welcomed by IPSE.

How data can help workers in the gig economy

In a public debate that so often dwells on the negatives, it was refreshing to hear about the positive ways technology is affecting the future of work.

Rural microbusinesses need urgent action on broadband

Poor broadband connectivity acts as a lag on productivity, hindering individuals who might otherwise consider starting their own self-employed business.

Jobs that pay you to travel

Whilst, not every freelance career can give you the flexibility to travel the world, more and more freelancers are now choosing to work remotely.

GDPR: Are you ready for the new data regulations?

GDPR comes into force on 25 May. So how can you ensure you are ready for the new data laws?

Watch: IPSE Policy Conference 2018

Featuring esteemed figures from policy, business and media, watch highlights from IPSE's Policy Conference 'Modern Working: The Age of Self-Employment'.

The Industrial Strategy and what it means for the self-employed

Jordan Marshall on the implications of this week's Government Industrial Strategy for the self-employed.