What new risks does Coronavirus and remote working pose to freelancers?

Working remotely has been a part of contractors’ and freelancers’ way of life for many years; however, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced many to spend even more time working from home.

Whilst there are many benefits to remote working, there are also risks in the current environment which could lead to a dispute with a client. Issues include:

  • New types of remote working technology & communication which may not be secure
  • Financial challenges to end clients (including those caused by lockdown) that can lead to disputes and claims
  • Cyber criminals using this period to defraud both contractors and their clients

Situations like these often come about due to a ‘perfect storm’ rather than outright negligence by the contractor/freelancer.

Thankfully, there are ways to protect against these scenarios through a combination of having the right insurance cover in place, and taking proactive measures to reduce risk.

At National Freelancers Day on June 18th, we’ll be joined by Paul Aveyard and Liam Greene of Markel Direct, a specialist insurer of contractors and freelancers, who will be providing guidance on

  • Recognising the types of dispute that can arise from the current working environment, and risks that cause them
  • What type of covers can protect you
  • How you can minimise the chances of a dispute and maintain good client relationships through this challenging period

Get your ticket to Virtual National Freelancers Day and register for the Insurance Basics: What you need to know session. Dedicated 1-2-1 sessions are also available to attendees throughout the day.

To find out more about IPSE’s partnership with Markel Direct, including an exclusive discount on contractor insurance for IPSE members, visit the Markel Direct partner page.

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