It’s the members that make IPSE

IPSE began its life as the Professional Contractors Group (PCG) in 1999, a membership organisation with one core focus: fighting damaging IR35 tax legislation.


As PCG gained traction and recognition in government and industry, our members raised other problems that affected their businesses, so we broadened our mission to encompass wider issues affecting the whole self-employment sector.

As a result, PCG was relaunched as the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) in 2014. IPSE’s renewed focus was on representing all independent professionals working in the UK’s booming self-employed sector.

IPSE worked hard to understand the self-employment sector in its entirety: How do people work? What are the pain points? What more could IPSE do to support people?

Five years on, IPSE is the leading organisation representing the UK’s self-employed, has 74,000 members and continues to grow. Behind that growth is the work we do to represent our membership, which can only happen when we understand our members and their needs: Are our products and services meeting members’ needs? What’s missing? How can IPSE improve? What issues are most affecting peoples’ businesses?

These are all questions that IPSE wants to understand in the 2019 members survey. This is not a tick box exercise; it is a crucial way for us to understand what is important to our members.

The feedback from this will mould the future of the organisation and help us support our members to the fullest.

Are you a member of IPSE? Do you want to join the conversation and help shape IPSE going forward? If so, please follow the link and share your views.

IPSE Membership Survey


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