IPSE’s Impact Report: What we’ve been doing to champion the self-employed – and how we’re improving

In these difficult times, IPSE is working harder than ever to support our members and represent the interests of the self-employed in government and across the UK.

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We have fought a hard campaign against the damaging changes to IR35, getting hundreds of MPs on-side, driving major reviews and amendments to the legislation, delaying it and also winning the small business exemption. We are disappointed the legislation is going through, but we are still pushing against it and also now arguing for a full review and reform of the tax system that would make IR35 redundant.

This year has also presented us with unimagined challenges in the form of the coronavirus pandemic. To support our members through this, we’ve ramped up our advice and guidance. We also mounted a major campaign for support for the self-employed and, although it didn’t achieve all its aims, it did lead to the creation of the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme. Since then, we’ve been fighting hard to raise awareness about and fill the gaps in support.

Right now, our campaigning is more important than ever – both for securing fuller support during the second wave of coronavirus and also to push back against the risk of major tax rises for the self-employed in the coming Budget.

As well as championing the self-employed in government and the media, we’ve also been doing more than ever to listen to our members so we can improve our benefits and make IPSE membership the best it can be. To that end, we conducted a Membership Survey earlier this year and, since then, we’ve been studying the results and using them to create some exciting new IPSE benefits.

In our Impact Report, you can read about all the membership improvements we’ve made – and those to come – as well as what we’ve been doing to champion the self-employed in government and beyond. I hope you enjoy the read.

IPSE membership is more important and useful now than ever. It protects you and your business in turbulent times with end client cover, tax and legal advice, contract reviews, illness and injury cover and much more. Despite the changes to IR35, IPSE tax investigation cover protects you if you’re working with small companies – and from the risk of retrospective investigation (HMRC can still catch you out for engagements up to six years ago). Perhaps most of all, IPSE membership supports the UK’s only dedicated voice for the self-employed.

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