Alternatives to public transport in London

Everyone has had to rethink the way they work in the past few months, and you might already be considering how to get there safely. If you want alternative ways of moving around the capital – like bike, walking or car sharing – Zipcar’s handy guide will help you weigh up the pros and cons, so you can make the decision you’re most comfortable with post-pandemic.

People-powered transport

Walking or cycling to work is not new, but these healthy and environmentally friendly modes of transport are set to become increasingly popular after the government pledged £2 billion to create pop-up bike lanes with protected space for cycling, wider pavements for pedestrians and cycle- and bus-only corridors.

Pedal by the hour

For those who see owning as onerous, there are a number of companies offering on-street bike hire. From TFL Santander bikes to e-Bikes, flexible hourly and daily rates are ideal for those who live and work in the city, but limited in terms of where you can start and finish your journey beyond Zones 1 and 2. Cycling is environmentally friendly, good for your health and easy on your wallet – but location, the presence of cycle routes and the weather will determine whether or not they’re right for you.

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Car sharing options

There are several car sharing services on offer, such as peer-to-peer rental companies, that let members of the public rent their private vehicles to others, allowing them to earn money from an asset that stands idle 90 per cent of the time.

However, Zipcar for Business gives freelancers on-demand access to flexible transport near their home or office. Business members also benefit from up to 29 per cent off Zipcar’s standard rates as well as benefits like insurance, 60 miles of fuel paid for per trip, the Congestion Charge included. Plus, all vehicles are ULEZ compliant.

Businesses operate in unique ways and that’s why Zipcar for Business has both Roundtrip vehicles and Flex (one-way) cars to book, so you can choose to pay by the minute, hour, day or longer – whatever suits your business’ needs.

IPSE members can also get an additional £60 driving credit when they sign up to Zipcar for Business to spend. Whether you use that to get to and from the office, make deliveries, or anything – make sure you take advantage of this great deal.

Car hire considerations

As with car sharing, when it comes to saving on expenses such as insurance, maintenance and parking, hiring a car for a short period of time can seem like an attractive option. However, fleets can get booked up in advance, so it might not always be the best route if flexibility is a high priority for you. In addition, costs can increase significantly if you plan to collect the car at one destination and drop it off at another. Always be sure to check what’s covered by each car hire company’s insurance policy, as this can differ significantly between providers.

Making the right choice

Whatever choice you make, it’s important to make the right decision for your safety. As social distancing is likely to be the ‘new normal’ until at least the end of the year, finding ways to incorporate this into your commute and daily lives is of the upmost importance. If you choose to use a service be sure to check out their cleaning updates, how they are adapting their business, and what safety procedures are in place to give you peace of mind. You can see how Zipcar are keeping their community safe here.

IPSE members can get £60 free driving credit when they sign up to Zipcar for Business.

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