#5MillionVotes: Your weekly campaign round-up – the final countdown!

IPSE’s weekly round-up of the 2019 general election looks back at the previous week’s campaign highlights, how they affect the self-employed and what’s coming up.

Over the past week

In the second to last week of campaigning we saw the leaders of all parties battle it out for your vote. Here’s a round-up of what happened:

The week ahead

This week marks the closing of election campaigning, with an end to formal pledges by the parties and a move to convince you why they should get your vote. Expect the same key messages you’ve been hearing for the last few weeks hammered home every day until you’re blue/red/yellow/green in the face: “get Brexit done”, “for the many not the few” and so on.

  • Thursday is election day:  Don’t forget if you are registered to vote you can do so anytime between 7am and 10pm this Thursday. Find out the location of your polling station here and a list of your local candidates here.

Have your say

Let your local election candidates know how they can best support you by tweeting them using the hashtag #5MillionVotes.

Meet the author

Jonathan Lima-Matthews

Public Affairs Manager