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How to be a successful sole trader

Workwell's Contractor Accountancy Specialist Kina Soodin runs through everything you need to be a successful sole trader in 2024 - from calculating and paying tax to managing expenses and pensions.

Guide to Self Assessment for the self-employed

Ahead of the Self Assessment deadline at the end of January, HMRC's Head of Self Assessment Operations, Jashoda Pindoira, answers the many questions surrounding Self Assessment and outlines what support is available to the self-employed.

A simple guide to Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital was first introduced in 2019 and is gradually becoming relevant for more and more people – self-employed and limited company contractors alike. This article offers support by giving an overview of who is impacted and what it means moving forward.

How can freelancers benefit by using AI in 2023

The AI boom has gathered in pace, with new and existing services launching every day, backed by huge investment. And that’s matched by many people voicing concerns about such rapid AI adoption. But how can freelancers benefit by using AI in 2023?

Should I raise my rates right now?

IPSE's Joshua Toovey reviews current trends in the freelance market and the likely impact of macroeconomic factors to determine whether freelancers should raise their rates right now.

PI Insurance: The retroactive date explained

If you’ve ever called an insurance company to arrange your professional indemnity insurance, then it’s likely that you’ll have heard the ‘retroactive date’ mentioned. But what exactly is the retroactive date?

IPSE Freelancer Awards 2023: Sustainability Award Winner

Freelance sustainability consultant Andrew Marlow, of onePlanet Solutions Ltd, won recognition at the IPSE Freelancer Awards 2023 for multiple projects that have seen firms in the UK and around the world develop greener processes, winning the Sustainability Award.

Follow members on their journey

A new series of articles called "Self-Employed Journeys." In this series, we'll follow seven people from all walks of life as they start and grow their own businesses.

5 Ways To Improve Your Website

Looking for ways to improve your website? In this guest blog, Gemma Thirsk shares her top tips for quick and simple ways you can upgrade your website to help grow your small business.

How to claim mileage allowance when you’re self-employed

Each year many self-employed people rack up thousands of miles on UK roads while running their business. Learn how to claim mileage allowance or actual vehicle costs and how they are calculated to recoup fuel costs, servicing, repairs and more

What is the best website builder?

With the evolution of website builders, you now have a selection of great sites to help you build your dream website at a fraction of the cost.

Are you ready for tax year end?

As we approach a new fiscal period, it’s time to consider which evergreen pieces of tax year-end advice should still be followed, and if approaching changes will require us to take action now.

Where do I start with branding?

If you have little experience in shaping a brand, this may feel a little daunting – but thankfully, it doesn’t need to be. We've put together these 6 tips on branding to get you started.

The IPSE Freelancer Awards 2022

The IPSE Freelancer Awards celebrate the achievements of the UK’s brightest and best freelancers, as well as organisations who do the most to support the self-employed.

Why are mortgage rates rising, and what happens next?

Whether you’re taking that first step into homeownership, or your current deal is ending and you’re searching for your best option, you need to ask the important questions and develop a clear understanding of the current situation.

How to avoid burnout as a freelancer

On the Freelance Corner podcast, we spoke to bestselling author of Have it all without burning out, Deborah Bulcock to discuss how to combat burnout, looking at the areas that particularly affect freelancers such as prolonged periods of isolation and not being able to switch off or take time off work.  

Black Entrepreneurs Throughout UK History

Diversity and inclusion are two strengths of the self-employed and freelancing community. As part of Black History Month, we celebrate the achievements and inspirational examples of Black entrepreneurs throughout UK history.

Stand out from the crowd

Outstanding Freelancer Award winner 2021 Jaime Gill gives his advice to freelancers across the UK: "With thousands returning to freelancing, now’s the time to stand out from the crowd".

How IPSE is tackling the crisis of late payment

This blog details IPSE's work in tackling the crisis of late payment, through our latest research and with the launch of IPSE's Payment Practices Index tool which allows you to search for your client's payment practices.

How much should I pay into my pension?

When it comes to pensions, one of the most common questions is a seemingly simple one: how much should I save? In this article, Penfold share how you can work out your optimum pension contribution when you’re self-employed.

Bristol Member Meet-Up

On Wednesday 30th March, IPSE run a local member meet-up in The Hole in the Wall pub in Bristol. Members from across the area met, networked and discussed issues affecting their businesses with IPSE’s Director of Policy, Andy Chamberlain.

Why does my small business need insurance?

Aside from any contractual or legal requirements, there are many more benefits to business insurance. In this article, Markel Direct explain these benefits and why holding business insurance is important for small businesses.

West London Member Meet-Up

On Tuesday 1st March, IPSE launched its first local member meet-up of the year in The Elgin Pub in Maida Vale in London. Members from across the area met, networked and discussed issues affecting their businesses with IPSE’s Director of Policy, Andy Chamberlain.

Monthly press roundup: February 2022

February’s monthly press roundup brings together IPSE's response to the House of Lords' follow up inquiry into IR35 as well as our reaction to Adrian Chiles' appeal against HMRC.

Monthly press roundup: January 2022

While the media has been focused on Partygate, Omicron, and the Ukraine crisis, we at IPSE have been working on cutting through the noise and voicing the concerns of our members around issues such as the self-assessment deadline, umbrella companies and IR35. Here are three press highlights over January.

Member FAQs – Filing your self-assessment tax return, how can IPSE help?

This time of year is always stressful for the self-employed as they try to complete their self-assessment tax returns before the usual submission deadline of 31st January, pulling together all of your invoices and receipts from the year can often be a struggle. IPSE is here to make sure you have the information and advice you need to ensure that filing your return is as pain free as possible.

Why you should keep digital records

From now on you will need to keep your records in a digital format, stored on a computer or in the cloud. In this blog from Mazuma, they outline why you should keep digital records and how to go about doing so.

When is the right time to go freelance?

JSA Group has helped thousands of freelancers take the first steps on their journey to successful self-employment. In this article, JSA outlines some questions you can ask yourself to determine whether now is a good time for you to take the leap.

Handling client data safely

If a claim of a data breach was brought against you, it could put a financial strain on your business. In this article Markel Direct provide five tips on how to protect customer data.

Improving your business credit score

In this article, we will explain how your credit score is calculated, how you can check your current score, and outline some practical steps you can take to improve it over time.

How to handle difficult clients

Even the most exceptional of self-employed professionals will at some stage face a difficult client. To help with this, Markel Direct have rounded up their seven top tips for effectively dealing with difficult clients.

How freelancers can get paid on time

Since the economic crash of 2008/9, late payment of freelance invoices has become commonplace. In this blog, Markel Direct share their top tips on how freelancers can get paid on time, most of the time.

IPSE Membership, have your say

Complete the IPSE membership survey and share your experiences of IPSE, what you value and what you feel could be improved. It’s the members that make IPSE, so we want to make sure your views are at the centre of all of our decisions.

IPSE AGM 2021: play your part in your membership organisation

IPSE’s 2021 AGM will be held on 5th May at 5pm – and we are urging all members to get involved. If you have been an IPSE member since before 20th April 2021, you can attend the AGM virtually. The other key way you can get involved is by voting via proxy for the resolutions: this just takes 5 minutes, but makes a big difference for your membership organisation.

10 best things to buy with your IPSE £50 Amazon voucher

When you refer a friend to IPSE, you will receive a £50 Amazon voucher when they sign up for a plus membership. Amazon offers a range of gadgets and accessories perfect for those who are self-employed and working at home. Here are ten of the best finds.

Alternatives to public transport in London

As we get closer to some normality, you may venture into the capital to work on a project or meet a client. IPSE’s partner, Zipcar, explains the safest ways to travel into London during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Making self-employment work for disabled people

Last week, IPSE released a report which found that over 50,000 disabled self-employed workers in the UK have missed out on government support. IPSE’s senior researcher, Inna Yordanova, explains what the report found and how IPSE will use these findings.

Tips for getting a mortgage as a freelancer

We asked CMME for their help in demystifying the mortgage market and helping Freelancers get in tip top shape to secure a mortgage. Here is what Simon Butler, Head of Mortgages & Protection at CMME had to say…

Taking your offline business online

You may find that your business is among those that can benefit from making the move online or increasing your focus on the e-commerce side. This article will talk you through the basics of getting started.

Working from home for the first time

It can be challenging to transition from working in an office or coworking environment to working from home. Naomi Joseph provides some practical suggestions on how you can adjust to your new way of working.

How do I become a freelancer?

A new year means new beginnings for some, and maybe for you that means jumping into the world of self-employment. If you’re thinking of going freelance, or get asked about making the decision, this blog is for you.

What are the parties saying on self-employment at this election?

For freelancers and contractors, this has been one of the most interesting elections in years. In this blog post, Simon McVicker outlines what each of the parties are saying on self-employment at this election. Plus, we've created an IPSE policy manifesto tracker to show how each party stacks up against our manifesto, #5millionvotes.

My Money, the Journey in a nutshell

Thank you to all of you who attended our event My Money, the Journey. For those of you couldn’t make it to our Manchester or London event, we have got a quick little round-up!

Homeworking v. Coworking: which works best for you?

Are you better off working from home or setting up shop in a coworking space? This guest blog from marketing consultant and copywriter, Emma Saldanha explores the pros and cons of each option to help you decide what's best for your freelance business.

How to deal with a data breach

The chances are that up to 9 in every 10 businesses will have a data breach in the next 12 months. Given it’s not if but when, how will you deal with your data breach?

Do I need to pay a fee to the ICO?

Businesses from sole traders and independent practitioners up to multinational companies and global charities are required to pay this fee unless, under certain circumstances, they are exempt. So how can you tell whether you need to pay a fee?

IPSE drives late payment changes

Following consistent lobbying from IPSE, the Government has announced a series of proposals and measures on late payment. The proposals include more powers for the Small Business Commissioner, who was first suggested by IPSE and more.

Shifting your money mindset

Today, more people than ever before are turning to the freedom and flexibility of self-employment. In fact, there are over two million highly skilled freelancers in the UK today. But that doesn’t mean freelancing is easy.

How to handle multiple deadlines

Managing multiple deadlines is an essential skill for the busy freelancer. Naomi Joseph outlines some practical tips for freelancers to consider when facing multiple projects, clients and deadlines.

How to combat loneliness as a freelancer

Going it on your own can sometimes be a lonely business. In this latest guest blog theatre-maker and writer, Naomi Joseph, discusses her experience when dealing with loneliness as a freelancer and the different approaches that can be taken to alleviate loneliness.