#5millionvotes IPSE's manifesto for the self-employed

IPSE’s manifesto sets out a vision for how the next government can gain the support of the selfemployed and secure the future of freelancing.


Since 2008 there has been a 35 per cent increase in the number of self-employed people and they are now 15 per cent of the workforce. On current trends, there will be well over 5 million freelancers by the end of the next Parliament. The UK’s solo self-employed also contribute £305bn to the economy – underlining their vital importance to the economy.

IPSE's manifesto, 5 Million Votes: how to win the support of the self-employed, makes forty recommendations across four areas – Brexit, finances, business environment and rights and support – so that the next government can keep up with the rapidly changing workforce.

The full version of the manifesto is available here, or you can read the pamphlet version by following the link below.

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