Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are a common commercial contract requirement in freelancing and self-employment, when clients want to protect the confidentiality of information or assets. Our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) template not only shows what a typical contract should look like, but can also be used if you’re working with other businesses or taking on freelancers and sub-contractors yourself.

Our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template is an example of a baseline standard unilateral, or one-way, contract. This means one party (the recipient) agrees to keep all information confidential for the other party (the Discloser). More complex NDAs should be used if you’re taking on a new business partner or employees, or seeking funding, for example.

Most freelancing and self-employed business relationships will start from a position of trust, but contracts provide a useful framework if something goes wrong, whether intentional or not. An NDA is legally binding, as long as it’s written and used correctly, so it’s important to check with a legal professional that you’re adequately protected. The only exception is if the recipient is bound by law to disclose some, or all of the information (for example, as part of a court case).

What types of information can a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) cover?

Even the smallest freelancing or self-employed business is likely to have information they would prefer to keep confidential from competitors or the general public. This can include anything, including:

  • Customer lists and information

  • Analytics data

  • Financial records and sales data

  • Client and partnership information

  • Business strategies and ideas

  • Processes and techniques

  • Designs and concepts

Our standard one-way Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template should give you a starting point for simple contracts, but you may want to explore more complex NDAs covering areas such as Web Design, Media Concepts or Business Ventures.

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