IPSE Impact Report 2020/21

Despite the opening up of the economy, there’s no doubt it’s still a difficult time for the self-employed sector, with not only the lingering financial damage of the pandemic, but also the ill-conceived changes to IR35 and the Chancellor’s threat of tax rises on freelancers.

Read our Impact Report to find out about what we’re doing to reshape IPSE membership around you – and how we’re continuing to represent you and champion self-employment in the UK.

Our mission

Empowering, protecting and connecting our members for success, making IPSE the association
of choice for the self-employed.


We empower you

IPSE membership offers you tax and legal helplines for advice and peace of mind, mental health and wellbeing support, guides and advice, as well as meet-ups and other events so you can get practical tips and support from the freelance community.


We protect you and your business

We want to see your business succeed. An IPSE membership offers you up to £10,000 in cover if a client, umbrella company or agency goes into administration. You can also get vital tax investigation insurance, sickness and injury cover and more.


We connect the self-employed

Being part of the UK’s largest community of freelancers and self-employed professionals gives you the safety net, support and inspiration you need to thrive, wherever you are in your self-employed journey.

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Thank you for your continuing support: IPSE is defined by its members, and we will always listen to you and build our work around you. Your membership makes all this possible and ensures the self-employed have a voice in the UK.

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IPSE is the leading association for contractors, consultants, interims, freelancers and the self-employed. We strive to bring our members the most comprehensive and useful range of information and services and all the latest news about what affects your business.

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