IPSE Impact Report 2019/20

For the self-employed in particular, 2020 has been an extremely strange year. They began the year fearing upheaval from the changes to IR35. In a matter of weeks, however, self-employment – and the UK – were transformed in unimagined ways.

At IPSE, we understand that in times like these, you, our members, need advice and support more than ever. Even more than that, we understand you need us to listen – to understand your concerns and challenges. Only this way can we accurately represent your voice in government and the media, and craft our membership packages to help with your changing needs.

This report is a summary of the improvements we’ve made, the impact we’ve had for you, and what else you can expect in the coming year. Rest assured that no matter how strange the times, we are working harder than ever to understand and meet your needs.

Why your membership matters

You’re supporting the UK’s only dedicated voice for the self-employed.
With IPSE, you get vital support and advice too – everything from illness and injury cover to tax and legal advice lines.


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With tax rises looming for the self-employed, it’s more important than ever freelancers have a voice.


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Our tax investigation cover keeps you protected in an uncertain environment (and will still be relevant even after IR35 changes – because of retrospective investigations).
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Read the full report below: 

Meet the author

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IPSE is the leading association for contractors, consultants, interims, freelancers and the self-employed. We strive to bring our members the most comprehensive and useful range of information and services and all the latest news about what affects your business.

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