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Do you work for yourself? Or planning to start out as a freelancer, contractor, consultant or self-employed professional?

In that case, you probably want to know how to get clients and generate revenue as quickly as possible. Or if you’ve already been doing this a while, maybe you want to know how to grow your revenue. Either way, this guide will help you with that. 

As you work through it, remember this: When you’re self-employed, you’re a business owner. No matter how small your business, it’s still a business. Even if it’s just you. Even if you work with one client at a time on long-term contracts or freelance gigs. Unlike an employee, a business doesn’t get a guaranteed wage, sick pay, holiday pay and so forth. Your business relies on you to go out and find clients willing to buy its services – whether that means a single gig, a series of projects, or a long-term retainer contract.

Which is why you want to read this, right?

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