GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy template

Ensuring that you protect the data and privacy of your clients or consumers has never been more important. A combination of regulation, and high-profile leaks of personal details, have led to more people around the world taking an interest in the privacy policies and practices. Our GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy Template will not only help you to meet one of the regulatory requirements, but also demonstrate your commitment to safeguarding information.

Global surveys show cybersecurity is one of the most important factors for online shopping, even outranking discounts for some customers. And this extends to offering downloads, client logins to resources on your website, and more. Along with any data that you might require as a self-employed contractor or consultant.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became an enforceable EU regulation in 2018, and post-Brexit, the UK-GDPR mirrors similar requirements for businesses and individuals. But rather than looking at our GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy Template as a legal burden to be completed and forgotten, why not use it as the starting point to promote your privacy, data and cybersecurity measures as a selling point for clients and customers?

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