The Centre for Research on Self-Employment (CRSE) is the leading international think tank working to improve the understanding of the self-employment sector and its impact on the economy. IPSE is proud to have been a driver in the creation of this pioneering think tank that is motivated and informed by real business practice and public policy.

Academically led, it is the only research institute of its kind delivering research exclusively dedicated to self-employment. A global network of academics, who are at the forefront of self-employment studies, provide a comprehensive analysis of the sector to inform public policy and add value to practitioners.

The CRSE’s research deepens our understanding of the people we represent and plays an important role in IPSE’s ability to support the sustainability of self-employment and the value it provides the economy.

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Recent publications

The Freelance Project and Gig Economies of the 21st Century

This report examines the role of highly-skilled freelancers doing project and gig work in the 21st Century British Economy. It builds on research put together by Andrew Burke, Dean of Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin and Chair of the Centre for Research on Self-Employment (CRSE), in 2012 on the use of freelancers, and how effective they are in adding value for both small firms and large corporations.

The Way to Wellbeing

This report offers a new way of looking at self-employed wellbeing based on overall life satisfaction. It considers self-employed people’s overall life satisfaction, based on their subjective assessments of various aspects of their lives – including jobs, income, health, family life and leisure.

The True Diversity of Self-Employment

The True Diversity of Self-Employment has been produced by the CRSE in conjunction with the Institute for Employment Studies. The research found that there are nine distinct segments which make up the UK’s solo self-employed population, defined by their economic wellbeing, independence and security.