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Whether you are starting out or an experienced business owner, new challenges constantly arise when you are trying to grow your self-employed business, but don't worry IPSE is here to navigate you through it.

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Tax and Legal Helplines

Free use of tax & contract helplines

Providing you with all the advice and guidance required to ease the burden of tax, delivered by knowledgeable and friendly taxation experts at Abbey Tax.

Guidance around:

  • Any contact from HM Revenue & Customs that isn't clear
  • Any contracts governing your engagements
  • Any UK VAT issues

Help is just a phone call away. 

Free 24 hour legal helpline

Around the clock but never 'on the clock'; unlimited calls for legal support on business matters, whatever they might be. You’ll get quick, friendly, pragmatic advice and recommendations from fully qualified and experienced lawyers.



Money Saving Offers 

Access to IPSE Rewards with thousands of money saving offers

The IPSE Rewards platform furthers the value we aim to continually provide you. Through this platform, IPSE members can access a wide collection of rewards and savings, that are available from some of the UK’s biggest brands.

Please have a look around the platform and if you see any offers that interests you, simply click the ‘redeem’ button and follow the instructions. The IPSE Rewards platform has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to take advantage of all the offers available.

Use this service regularly and you could easily save more than the IPSE membership fee every year!

*Please be aware this benefit has a 2 week waiting period before access is granted.

IPSE Partner Offers

IPSE works with our partners to provide the products you need to run your business - at the lowest prices. We are constantly working to get new partners that meet your needs, but for now you can see our current list of exclusive deals for IPSE members.


Contract Review Service 

If you want to ensure your contract fits within IR35 regulations, or that your working practices mirror the terms and conditions detailed in your contract - or even something smaller such as checking the clauses in your contract are compliant and meet your requirements, we offer a professional review and advice. 

IPSE members receive a discount on both 24 hours and 5-day reviw service. 

Start your review service



For more information on the contract review service we provide, click here


Templates and Guides

Contract templates

The correct contract is an essential part of every freelancer's toolkit.  Not only do they outline the wants, needs and expectations of the parties, but they also provide a legal framework within which these will be achieved; and a back up should legal intervention be required. Contracts provide a formal definition of the business relationship between the freelancer and agency or direct client.


Our guides cover everything from setting up a company, ways to win work and, importantly, how to ensure you get paid; packed with real-life case studies from those who know what you're going through. We areconstantly creating member-only guides to help you flourish in your self-employed business.

Have a look around our IPSE Library to see our guides, templates and reports.


Events and Training 



IPSE holds almost 100 events a year, both online and offline, to help you expand your skills and knowledge. Whether you want to learn how to manage your website, improve your visability, secure your future or optimise your finances, we have something for you throughout your membership.  See our past and future events.

IPSE Academy

Training and professional development are increasingly important in this ever changing world. As technology and business advances it is essential that, as an independent professional, you are keeping your skills and knowledge up to date to maintain a competitive advantage. We know that in the past freelancers have been less likely to engage in training due to costs and lack of flexibility, that’s why IPSE has launched IPSE Academy, IPSE’s learning hub.

Magazines and Newsletters


Modern Work and My Money Magazines

Modern Work is for freelancers, the self-employed and pretty much anyone else interested in the changing world of work. Looking around you, you don’t need to be an employment specialist to see the world of work has been completely transformed in recent years. Flexi-time, remote working, digital nomads – even the language we use to talk about work is different now. And Modern Work is here to represent and explore these changes as they happen.

My Money has been created to help you with your personal and business finances.  The magazine covers all aspects of your finances in a fun and interactive way, with checklists, guides and case studies to help you along to being the master of your money.

Newsletters, tailored to your interests

Your way of staying up to date with what’s happening in the self-employed sector: including the latest on political changes, opinions from industry leaders and exclusive content to help you and your business stay ahead.


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