Education and training

It is vital to better integrate and embed enterprise and entrepreneurialism into the national curriculum in schools, while improving the visibility and quality of enterprise and self-employment content within careers advice in Further Education institutions.

Currently, enterprise features inconsistently in primary and secondary education institutions. Careers advice across the board also contains little enterprise content – changing this that would be invaluable to the many students wanting to start their own business.

Our policies

The self-employed and the small businesses they operate are key to the UK’s flexible economy and workforce. Support and guidance should be offered throughout the lifespan of a self-employed individual, from school when their business is still an idea to the time when their business is up and running. We therefore propose three key policies.

  • Integrate enterprise and entrepreneurialism throughout the entire school curriculum at secondary and sixth form level.
  • Ensure that Further Education institutions and universities recognise and promote self-employment in careers advice and offer enterprise modules on courses that typically produce large numbers of self-employed graduates.
  • Provide sufficient support and mentoring for the self-employed once their business is off the ground, with training for new skills made tax deductible in the same way it is for employees.