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Designers: nurturing their creative nature

IPSE's Education & Training Officer Olaitan Ajimobi discusses how designers can harness their creative ingenuity to maximise their career prospects.

Seven steps to success

What comes to mind when you hear ‘soft skills’? Do you consider soft skills training when you think of career progression? Or does it seem patronising?

Small Business Advice Week: networking

With the autonomy of running your own business comes the sole responsibility for obtaining your own clients and contracts.

Catching up with Buttercrumble

IPSE’ spoke to Abigail & Chloe Baldwin, creative directors of Buttercrumble; Leeds-based design duo and finalists in the Freelancer of the Year Awards.

Catching up with Nisha Haq

IPSE’s Tristan Grove talks to 2017 Aspire Freelancer of the Year Nisha Haq about why she’s decided to become a full-time freelancer.  

Catching up with Lauren Razavi, IPSE’s 2016 Aspire Award Winner

IPSE catches up with the 2016 Aspire Freelancer of the Year, Lauren Razavi.

Why take advantage of IPSE's Experian partnership?

Far too often small businesses in the UK face major issues in the shape of late or non-payment.

IPSE backs calls for more support for creative freelancers

IPSE is supporting the recommendations in a new report on creative freelancers.