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Five reasons to work abroad

Working abroad has many appeals, and with fewer restrictions on when, where and how we work, it is an increasingly popular move for many freelancers.

CEST tool: a case study

The evidence is undeniable: the CEST tool is wholly inadequate.

The problem with MoO

It’s one of three factors which must be present for an employment contract to exist, but HMRC doesn’t test for it in their controversial CEST tool.

CEST tool: an introduction

It’s been criticised in parliament and condemned by tax accountants as not fit for purpose.

IPSE welcomes government’s commitment to improve self-employed access to training

IPSE wholeheartedly supports a government proposal to make training for new skills tax-deductible for the self-employed.

Jobs that pay you to travel

Whilst, not every freelance career can give you the flexibility to travel the world, more and more freelancers are now choosing to work remotely.

IPSE announces new partnership with busuu

IPSE announces a new partnership with language platform busuu.

Umbrella companies: raining on the parade?

By pushing IR35 into the private sector, the government will be pushing more contractors into these exploitative umbrella structures.