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Training your way to better pay

Olaitan Ajimobi on how training and developing your skills can help you up your pay packet.

IPSE announces new partnership with Wix

IPSE announces a new partnership with website building platform Wix.

Freelancing for Students 2017

Education and Training Officer Olaitan Ajimobi on IPSE's Freelancing for Students event.

A lot rests on HMRC’s online tool to determine IR35 status – and it's getting it wrong

IPSE's Andy Chamberlain discusses the flaws in HMRC's online tool to determine IR35 status.

How do you define success when self-employed?

Feeling that I can earn as much as my peers? Scoring big clients? Being able to make a big purchase? Choosing the hours I work?

Why your website design might be costing you money

IPSE's Olaitan Ajimobi discusses the importance of optimising your website for mobile.

IPSE's new memberships for Sole Traders

What we're doing for Sole Traders - and why.

Designers: nurturing their creative nature

IPSE's Education & Training Officer Olaitan Ajimobi discusses how designers can harness their creative ingenuity to maximise their career prospects.