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IPSE: Government should look to self-employment to solve the NHS staffing crisis

To solve the NHS staffing crisis, policymakers must make the system work for the self-employed, a new report from IPSE and PPP has said.

IPSE, DWP and pensions industry begin trials to tackle self-employed pensions crisis

IPSE is delighted to announce that it is trialling new savings initiatives designed to help the self-employed save for later life.

Papers, policy and conferences: How the CRSE are changing the way we think about self-employment

The CRSE's Chloe Jepps on how the think tank is changing the world of self-employment.

Government policy pushes freelance sector into decline, IPSE report finds

Freelancers expect government policy to drive their businesses and the economy into decline over the next year, a report from IPSE has found.

IPSE: Hostile government policies drive self-employment down again

IPSE has commented that the continued drop in self-employment is down to hostile government policies.

‘YOLO’ workers: self-employed happy in present but not prepared for the future, report finds

A new report by IPSE and Sherpa shows that while the self-employed are financially secure and happy in the present, they are concerned about the future.

Pensions PR problem creating self-employed savings crisis, IPSE report finds

Pensions have a PR problem that is helping to create a self-employed savings crisis, an IPSE report has found.

Government's role in pensions dashboard crucial

IPSE has today responded to the Government’s decision to step back from the rollout of the pensions dashboard.