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‘YOLO’ workers: self-employed happy in present but not prepared for the future, report finds

A new report by IPSE and Sherpa shows that while the self-employed are financially secure and happy in the present, they are concerned about the future.

Pensions PR problem creating self-employed savings crisis, IPSE report finds

Pensions have a PR problem that is helping to create a self-employed savings crisis, an IPSE report has found.

Government's role in pensions dashboard crucial

IPSE has today responded to the Government’s decision to step back from the rollout of the pensions dashboard.

Against all odds, freelancer confidence is on the rise

The latest Confidence Index shows that freelancers’ confidence in their business performance is in positive territory for the first time in two years.

Experts not entrepreneurs: skills development is key to self-employed satisfaction, report finds

Developing skills and knowledge is more important for self-employed people’s sense of career progression than pay, according to a new report by IPSE and the IPA.

Good work: what do the self-employed really think?

Jordan Marshall on IPSE's Working Well for Yourself report and what makes 'good work' for the self-employed.

Frank Field report: Don’t regulate the platform economy into oblivion, IPSE warns

IPSE has responded to a report on Deliveroo rider conditions by Frank Field MP.

Focus Group on the off-payroll tax consultation with HMRC officials

If, like most self-employed people, you're concerned about the changes to IR35, get involved and join IPSE's focus group with HMRC officials.