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Brunel University joins IPSE to support the next generation of freelancers

IPSE is delighted to announce a new partnership with Brunel university to support the next generation of freelancers.

IPSE: Government should look to self-employment to solve the NHS staffing crisis

To solve the NHS staffing crisis, policymakers must make the system work for the self-employed, a new report from IPSE and PPP has said.

IPSE, DWP and pensions industry begin trials to tackle self-employed pensions crisis

IPSE is delighted to announce that it is trialling new savings initiatives designed to help the self-employed save for later life.

IPSE ‘cautiously supportive’ of Government’s gig reforms

For most people gig work is good work, and the Government must ensure it doesn’t legislate people out of self-employment against their will.

Papers, policy and conferences: How the CRSE are changing the way we think about self-employment

The CRSE's Chloe Jepps on how the think tank is changing the world of self-employment.

Scottish Budget opens tax differential with the rest of UK

While Westminster immersed itself in yet further Brexit turmoil, Holyrood was getting on with one of its showpiece events - the Scottish Budget.

IPSE: Self-employment has been doing the heavy lifting for the workforce for the last decade

IPSE responds to labour market statistics, saying it is self-employment that has kept them positive for the last decade.

IPSE: ringing in the next generation of freelancers

IPSE takes brings together the next generation of freelancers with its Freelancing for Students events.