Fighting IR35

IPSE is calling on its members and the wider contracting community to help prevent the Government from rolling out disastrous changes to IR35.

Reports have been spreading across the media that the Chancellor is planning to extend the extremely damaging changes to IR35 from the public sector to the private sector.

IPSE has been leading the charge against the changes. Not only did our Budget submission stress the damage already done by IR35 changes in the public sector and warn against extending them; we have also written directly to the Chancellor and key Conservative MPs across the country warning of the risks to the self-employed, the economy and even the Government.

Now we’re asking you, our members, to join us and help hammer home the message to MPs throughout Parliament. The changes to IR35 have already been a disaster in the public sector, harming thousands of self-employed people like you and causing major disruptions to key projects: the Government cannot be allowed to make the same mistake in the private sector.

You can help us stop the changes by writing to your MP. If you don’t know who your local MP is, you can find out by using the finder below.

Then either compose your own letter or use our template below to write to your MP stressing the risks of extending the changes to IR35.

Make sure to stress how extending the changes would affect you personally – and what impact it might have on your voting intentions. 

Write to your MP to protest this change 

Download our template
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Other practical steps

We urgently need real and verifiable (not apocryphal) case studies of the damage causes by these changes to the public sector - if not from you, ask other contractors. We're especially interested in NHS case studies and also anything Intelligence/Security related. At this stage we don't need policy input/questions/alternative suggestions. When the time comes we'll ask for those. Please send anything you have to 

There are a number of other practical steps you can take too:-

  • Tweet/Share/Retweet anything and everything you see from IPSE or others on this (@teamIPSE, @cjbryce, @IPSEWestminster)
  • Point your colleagues to this IPSE page short link:-
  • Tweet/Facebook/LinkedIn and the attached image below as often as you can/like












Conservative MPs who's majorities could be threatened by a negative vote from freelancers

See the list of Conservative MPs who have more freelancers in their constituency than their majority!

Key Conservative MPs to contact