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IR35 became a major talking point on the doorstep during the 2019 Election campaign. So much so that Chancellor Sajid Javid felt compelled to announce the private sector changes would be reviewed. That review has now been launched and we at IPSE are underwhelmed, to say the least.

We wrote to the Chancellor calling for the review to be independently chaired, include a thorough impact assessment and, crucially, for a delay to the April roll-out. None of that has happened and, although we will of course engage with the review, we are concerned it won’t result in any meaningful changes.

That is why we have been contacting backbench MPs, many of whom have expressed their own concerns about the policy, to ask them to implore HM Treasury to reconsider its approach. But MPs are always chiefly concerned about what their constituents are saying – which is where you come in.

We’ve asked you to write to your MP before, and many of you have – thank you. It would help us enormously if you would do so again.

We also urge you to contact your MP on Twitter. Tell them why you are so concerned about the draft legislation and use the #stopIR35 hashtag.  (But don't forget: please keep your comments civil and constructive.)

If you don’t know who your local MP is, you can find out by using the finder below.

The letter is always more effective if it is personalised, written in your voice and draws on your own experiences.

Make sure to stress how extending the changes would affect you personally – and what impact it might have on your voting intentions. 

Otherwise you can download our template letter.

Otherwise you can download our template letter.


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