Fighting private sector IR35


Fighting the IR35 Budget announcement

At IPSE, we understand that you, the self-employed, are some of the hardest working people in the UK – and contribute more than your fair share to the economy.

That is why it is nothing less than outrageous that the government should choose to punish you by extending the ill-considered and hugely damaging changes to IR35 from the public sector to hard-working self-employed people in the private sector.

But nevertheless, that is exactly what the Chancellor Philip Hammond announced he would do by April 2020 in his Budget speech on Monday 29 October.

The changes to IR35 have been a disaster in the public sector – not only for the self-employed, but for many vital public sector bodies. We must not allow them to wreak the same havoc in the private sector.

How you can help

We urgently need real and verifiable case studies of the damage caused by these changes to the public sector - if not from you, ask other contractors. We're especially interested in NHS case studies and also anything Intelligence/Security related. Please also send any thoughts you have to

There are a number of other practical steps you can take too:

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  • Write to your MP.
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