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For 20 years, IPSE has been not only campaigning against IR35, but also advising contractors and the self-employed on how to navigate it. We are the true experts.

IR35 Guide

Read our guide 'IR35 in the private sector'

IPSE’s campaigning has secured delays and important concessions, but government is determined to enforce the IR35 changes. Find out what exactly the changes are and how they are likely to affect you in this guide.

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Frequently asked questions about IR35

Paul Mason from Markel Tax answers common questions from IPSE members.



Q and A webinar

IR35 Q and A webinar

IR35 Q and A webinar

One of the key problems with IR35 is that the legislation is notoriously complex. In this guide, Paul Mason, Head of Tax at our partner Markel, unpicks this complexity and answers some of the most common questions about the rules.

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Additional support 

Additional support 



Check our webinar hub regularly as we aim to answer some of your burning questions and discuss the latest developments of IR35 and all areas of self-employment.

IR35 webinar

Contract Review service

Get your contractual documents and status questions reviewed for IR35, easily and inexpensively online.

Contract Review Service

General Self-employed advice

If you're looking for self-employed advice topics other than IR35, we can help.

We have a dedicated advice page to help you navigate directly to specific sections including brexit, coronavirus, business insurances, and ways of working. 

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