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The IR35 tax rules in the private sector have changed

These IR35 changes were a disaster in the public sector and they are already proving to be just as devasting in the private sector. They affect the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of contractors. IPSE continues to campaign against IR35, pushing the government to address the underlying problems in the tax system so we can do away with IR35 once and for all.

We are also raising awareness about what the changes might mean to the self-employed, how they can prepare, and how IPSE can help protect them.

Join our #stopIR35 campaign and find everything you need to know about how the IR35 changes could affect you.


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Our expert policy team represent IPSE members at all levels of government

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We are experts in defending and protecting against IR35


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We have supported contractors in more than 2000 IR35 investigations


Our campaigning took HMRC all the way to the House of Lords – and won – ensuring S660 or the "family business tax" is dead in the water


We’ve Taken HMRC to Employment Tribunal

We have taken HMRC to Employment Tribunal on behalf of our members and won an out-of-court settlement - this is a new weapon in our armoury since the IR35 changes in the public sector in 2017 and will be increasingly important in the private from April 2021

We Help Others Deal With IR35 Tax Rules

We work with others, such as banks and other large end-users, agencies and the CBI to help them and their members deal with IR35


Every Penny Goes Into Providing Information On IR35 And Self-Employed Support

As a not-for-profit, every penny we receive goes back into helping our members and the wider cause of freelancers. This means providing the latest information on IR35 changes to our community, and continuing to campaign on their behalf.


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Did you know as an IPSE member you’re entitled to a discount on all IR35 contract reviews?

It's vital that you understand exactly how your contract affects your IR35 status, that's why IPSE recommends that each contract your business wins is reviewed by experts to ensure that you have the best defence you can if the taxman does come calling.

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IPSE’s Andy Chamberlain gives #IR35 evidence to the House of Lords inquiry


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