Why has an Extraordinary General Meeting been called?


In December, IPSE’s Board approved a range of proposals to modernise the organisation’s governance arrangements.

Details of what these proposals mean can be found here, but they broadly seek to:

•    Strengthen IPSE’s ties to our membership;
•    Make the organisation more democratic, by giving members a direct say in Board elections; 
•    Bring IPSE’s governance in line with best practice.

Under the proposals, a new Members’ Forum will be established, providing a direct link between the membership and IPSE. This will replace the current Consultative Council (CC).

IPSE is asking its members to approve these changes. All members will have a say, as the changes need to be passed by the membership at the Annual General Meeting on 26 January 2019 before they come into effect. 

Some members of the CC disagree with the proposed governance changes and they have called for an Extraordinary General Meeting on 4 February 2019, to discuss the following motion:

That Ms Caroline Morgan be removed from office as director of IPSE with immediate effect.

Members can read a statement of their reasons for calling the EGM below.

However, other members of the CC strongly support the proposed governance changes and have resigned from the CC because they fundamentally disagree with the EGM motion.

IPSE’s Board and senior leadership have complete faith in Caroline Morgan as director and Chair of IPSE, and strongly back the proposed governance changes.

Members are encouraged to read their statements of support below for Caroline Morgan, and cast their votes:

  1. For the proposed governance changes, and all motions at the AGM – you can grant your proxy vote here;
  2. Against the motion to remove Caroline Morgan as director and IPSE’s chair – you can grant your proxy vote here.



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