Upskill and give yourself the best chance to achieve your New Year’s goals


With the New Year comes the renewed opportunity to figure out what you want to achieve this year. For some it may be taking the leap into self-employment, trying something new, or simply being the best you can be. To give yourself the best opportunity to succeed, take advantage of IPSE Academy and get the training you need to reach your New Year goals.

Where shall I start?

Training trends and skill demands change from year to year (and even month to month), so it can be hard to know what skills are going to be most valuable to your clients. We work with leading training providers who are experienced in recognising the changes in trends and demands. We asked them what they predict to be the skills you need for 2017, and here’s what they said:

BPP, Caroline Patterson – “Whilst individuals will already have key specialist or technical knowledge and expertise that their clients need, in an increasingly competitive marketplace, it is the non-technical or behavioural skills that enable an individual to handle commercial relationships effectively.

So during 2017, we expect to see a continuing trend towards developing the personal skills that individuals need in order to enhance client relationships whilst driving their own businesses and careers forwards.”

Media Training ltd., Josh Webberley – “We've found recently there's been a huge upsurge of demand in video production for content and marketing. Any freelancer looking to upskill in this area would definitely position themselves in a lucrative market.” 

To keep you up to date on training trends and provide you the best opportunity to keep your skills updated, our recommended courses will be updated regularly to ensure that IPSE members are kept ahead of changing trends in training and professional development.

IPSE works with a range of training providers to offer discounted rates on a broad set of courses for IPSE members. With so many training providers out there, if you are unsure where to start when looking for a suitable training provider, check the IPSE Academy page to get great rates on quality courses. We will continue to broaden the scope of training providers we work with so that you have access to discounted rates on the training that is most relevant to you.

Virtual Ashridge will unfortunately no longer be available to IPSE members from February 2017 following a review of the platform usage and value to members.

We are continuously identifying more beneficial training opportunities for IPSE members and will be introducing new developments as part of IPSE Academy in the near future. Please keep checking back for updates. 

Meet the author

Lydia Wakefield

Education and Training Manager