Why take advantage of IPSE's Experian partnership?


Far too often small businesses in the UK face major issues in the shape of late or non-payment. The problem is fraught and the lack of financial stability can, in severe cases, prevent those affected from paying essential household or business bills.

Therefore, the peace of mind provided by knowing the legitimacy and financial credibility of potential customers is gold dust for the self-employed. It allows them to focus solely on what they do best without being burdened with financial worries.

That’s where IPSE's partnership with Experian comes in. Experian are the market leader in providing accurate, in-depth and up-to-date credit reports of potential clients so that business can make calculated, confident decisions and be assured that they are only engaged with reliable, trustworthy companies.

So, how can Experian’s credit checks help you protect and grow your business?

Credit check potential new customers before engaging with them. Through Experian you can credit check and monitor any UK or international company easily, using the most up-to-date information available. Experian help you monitor and understand a customer’s financial status and payment patterns so you manage cash flow and negate the potential for loss-making decisions. Not only does a credit check inform you of a company’s current financial status, it also gives you access to their credit history so you can see whether they are growing or on the wane. It’s an easy, trustworthy way to measure the risk versus reward of engaging with any given company.

Compiling an in-depth credit report for your own business. Experian’s ‘My Business Profile’ gives you complete access to your own detailed business credit profile, ensuring you to understand your credit rating and, if necessary, how to improve it. It’s really no different, and no less important, than monitoring bank statements. A poor credit rating can make it very hard to get credit from suppliers but, similarly, a good credit rating isn’t permanent and maintaining it by regularly reviewing your report ensures your business’ finances are always in good shape. Experian help with increasing your score, correcting inaccurate and potentially damaging information and keeping you up-to-date and on top of the details published about you. After all, there’s nothing worse than an unpleasant surprise.

Access to a database of over five million Experian business contacts. For the self-employed, contacts are everything and Experian put over five million UK business records at your fingertips, allowing you access to an almost unrivalled database of potential future customers – all credit checked and ready to approach.