Government must do everything in its power to support self-employment, IPSE tells Chancellor


With a mission of championing business, the Enterprise Forum was set up in 1997 to facilitate policy discussion between the business community - from freelancers to substantial international companies - and the Conservative Party.

And as part of IPSE’s mission to give self-employment a voice in the corridors of power, we have long been an active member of the organisation, promoting the need to support the 4.8 million entrepreneurs and innovators in our workforce.

And at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester this week, that voice was heard prominently when, in front of a packed audience of esteemed delegates, IPSE’s policy director Simon McVicker talked about the value and flexibility of self-employment before introducing the event’s guest speaker: Chancellor Philip Hammond.


Simon McVicker, IPSE Director of Policy, told the event: "Business strongly dislikes uncertainty and it is our wish that the Government does everything possible to guarantee a smooth transition for the UK in life outside the EU. Whether that means pushing for access to the single market or quickly securing a transitional deal, nothing is more important for our future prosperity than the stability and security of UK businesses. 


“As well as minimising uncertainty, we’re also calling on the Government to prepare for post-Brexit Britain by creating a business-friendly environment. From nano-businesses and SMEs to Britain’s corporate giants, it is us who will power the economy through these challenging times. But we can only do that if the Government creates the conditions for business to flourish. Not only encouraging overseas investment, but also building a tax system that supports rather than penalises enterprise.  


"Britain has many great, world-beating companies which we can be rightly proud of. We have an extremely vibrant small business community of nearly 5 million people working as one-person companies or self-employed. They contribute £255 billion to the UK economy every year – enough to fund the NHS two times over - whilst keeping our unemployment at the lowest levels in Europe. 

“From the newest freelancer to the most established corporate giant, we, the UK’s businesses, are a major force in driving the country through the uncharted waters ahead, and we would urge you and the Government to do everything in its power to support us."



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