Queen’s Speech shows Government in listening mode


IPSE has welcomed the Queen’s Speech for recognising the voice of business needs to be heard by Government.

IPSE’s Director of Policy, Simon McVicker, said:

“It is commendable that the Government intends to listen to business in the new Parliament. We agree it is important to get to grips with modern employment practices, but in doing so we must also protect the flexibility that gives the UK a critical advantage over other European economies.

“To protect the interests of small businesses and the self-employed, the government should ensure that their voices are heard in the upcoming Brexit negotiation. The UK must prioritise making it possible for the self-employed to continue working and doing business in Europe.

“Independent professionals make an invaluable contribution to the economy – both in terms of productivity and innovation. By working flexibly, they not only provide temporary specialist expertise, but also absorb risk for their clients. They deserve to be rewarded for the dynamism they bring to our economy.”

Meet the author

Simon McVicker

Director of Policy