Professional development: can you afford not to?


When was the last time you committed to your professional development? Took a training course? Learned something new? Is now the time to think about updating your skills and knowledge?

Self-employed professionals are less likely to take training compared to their employed counterparts. But in our ever-changing economy, it is more important than ever to adapt to industry developments and skills demand.

The nature of freelancing, contracting and consulting means you are adaptable, fluid, flexible and utilised for your expertise. But to ensure your expertise are up to date and ahead of the game, consider what skills and knowledge could further aide your development.

Here are some key reasons the self-employed might avoid training and further points for consideration:

I don’t need any training at the moment

  • With industries and the economy evolving rapidly, there is always a need to maintain pace with industry developments, shifts in trends, new technologies and skills demand. A formal qualification might not always be necessary, but continuous learning – both formal and informal – ensures you are always one step ahead.

I don’t have time to undertake training

  • Training courses are no longer as rigid and fixed as they once were. Many courses are now offered as e-learning options, on-demand or live-streamed so you can access training remotely, and at your convenience. This increased flexibility allows you to fit training around your work and personal life.

Training can be expensive

  • Have you ever missed out on a project or piece of work because you didn’t have the qualification or skills a client required? If so, consider whether losing out on that work cost you more than the cost of the relevant training. Through IPSE’s Academy, we offer discounted training opportunities with many providers to reduce the financial burden of undertaking training.

Mark Godfrey, Director of training provider QA Ltd, said: “In our rapidly changing world there has never been a greater demand on individuals to develop new skills at speed. The demand for highly-skilled and agile workforces is now constant. Those individuals who are agile in their own professional development are now the most highly valued and sought after.

“Gone are the days of ‘learn once, do forever’. Today’s employment market demands individuals to be fluid, adaptable and continuous when it comes to their professional development.”

Take advantage of IPSE Academy to:

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Meet the author

Lydia Wakefield

Education and Training Manager