IPSE’s petition to set up a Temporary Income Protection Fund for the self-employed

IPSE understands the Coronavirus outbreak is not just a major health concern for freelancers and the self-employed: it also poses a serious threat to their incomes.

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The government announced several measures in the Budget that provide welcome support to freelancers and the self-employed if they fall ill or self-isolate. The problem for freelancers and the self-employed, however, is that many are likely to lose work and contracts in the coming months.

The government announced some measures in the Budget to support freelancers with lost income – such as the Business Interruption Loan Scheme – but these will not be enough. The loan scheme in particular could lead to spiralling debt for many freelance businesses.

IPSE, joining forces with our friends at the Creative Industries Federation and dozens of other freelance groups, is therefore calling on the government to create a Temporary Income Protection Fund to support freelancers and the self-employed through the crisis. The idea is for a time-limited, targeted injection of funds to keep businesses afloat over the coming months and cover basic income costs like food and rent.

You can find the petition here - please sign and help us make this a reality to support the vital self-employed community through the Coronavirus crisis.

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