Manifesto launch a major success for IPSE


Crowds gathered on London’s South Bank on 30 May for the launch of IPSE’s manifesto, ‘A Contract with the Self-Employed’. Accompanying the manifesto is a bold poster campaign calling on the next government not to ‘strangle the self-employed’, the UK economy’s lucrative golden goose.

Addressing a crowd at Queen’s Stone near the Oxo Tower, IPSE’s Chief Executive Chris Bryce spoke of the vital contribution the self-employed make to the UK economy, and the urgent need for the next government to help and support them.

Vans showing IPSE’s bold poster campaign are now circulating around London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Leeds.  

Chris Bryce, IPSE’s CEO, said: “The manifesto launch was a great success, and drew a lot of attention in Central London. But it’s just the beginning of a bold and concerted campaign across the UK. We’re determined to give a voice to self-employed people right across the country and ensure the next government gives them the support and freedom they need to flourish.” 


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