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For most people, the idea of going freelance means having the freedom to do the things you want to do. For many, this includes travelling. Whilst, not every freelance career can give you the flexibility to travel the world, more and more freelancers are now choosing to work remotely. 

Today, with the advance of technology, it is easy to become a digital nomad. Thanks to online platforms like PeoplePerHour (PPH), freelancers can offer services globally to clients from anywhere in the world. Here are just a few examples of freelance jobs that can complement your travel ambitions.


Aside from literary ability and creativity, all that is required for a writer to do their job is a laptop with Microsoft Word or any alternative writing or editing software. Whether you’re an author, copywriter, editor, proof-reader, journalist, blogger or any freelancer that provides value through writing, the life of a digital nomad is an achievable goal.


Web and software developers typically just need a brief or description of the client requirements to get the job done. They don’t even need any face-to-face contact or hands-on management. As long as the job is completed, it doesn’t matter where the developer executes it.


Most freelance designers tend to work remotely and usually have the freedom to express their creativity with minimal control from their clients. So, they can choose to work from their hotel suite or even on a beach while sipping on something refreshing! All that’s required is an internet connection for design briefs to be sent by email or via an online platform.


Being a social media sensation certainly comes with perks if you are commercially strategic about it. Not only can YouTube video bloggers – ‘vloggers’ – monetise organically through the platform, but they can also receive sponsorships and payments from companies if they endorse brands or products to their followers. As you could imagine, travelling to different locations would be useful for a vlogger who could utilise fresh scenery and exotic locations in their videos.

Business support

In the internet age, you don’t need to employ staff to carry out the administrative tasks or operations required in a business. They can be easily outsourced and there are many freelancers such as virtual assistants, business development consultants, social media or marketing managers who can provide support from anywhere in the world.

Coaching and consulting

The service provided by coaches or consultants might not always be tangible, but it is valuable in terms of the expertise and skills they provide. Consultations or coaching sessions could occasionally be a face to face meeting, but many of them are held via telephone or over a conferencing platform such as Skype. The coach or consultant just needs to make sure they are in a quiet place with no background noise from fellow tourists.

There are many jobs like this that allow freelancers to fulfil their travel ambition since they can work from anywhere. This is the essence of freelancing and in support of this, IPSE has launched a partnership with language learning provider, busuu.

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