The IPSE Manifesto: A Contract with the Self-Employed

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Today IPSE released our manifesto: A Contract with the Self-Employed. Our manifesto supports the risk-takers, rewards the go-getters, and champions the innovators – the self-employed; those who are driving the economy, stimulating growth and adding flexibility to the UK.

Our manifesto details all the policies we want to see the incoming government implement - irrelevant of next month’s election outcome.

In a rapidly evolving labour market, the UK’s 4.8 million self-employed are at the forefront of progression. They are our today, and they are our future.

They are recent graduates, leaving university with a big idea; they are working mums, proving that family commitments are no longer constraints; they are skilled contractors, adding their expertise to countless projects; and they are the semi-retired, supplementing their pension with a lifelong passion project.

However, they can’t do it without support or a solid platform from which they can flourish. This manifesto therefore, gives them the support they need, the skills they require and the infrastructure they deserve.

Our manifesto has resonated in the past, with the previous Conservative government adopting our calls for a small business commissioner and moving towards fairer parental benefits. And from 9 June, when the new government occupies Downing Street, we want our new manifesto to resonate again.

In conjunction with the ongoing Taylor Review into modern employment practices, our manifesto calls for a statutory definition of self-employment to end widespread confusion and ensure working for yourself remains an attractive and attainable career choice.

We have called for strategic review of the tax system – which, in its current state, is based upon the traditional employer/employee model. As self-employment booms, the government needs to supplement this 21st century way of working with a fairer, more efficient, 21st century tax system. 

Included in this review, we have asked the government to make careful considerations before rolling out IR35 measures in the private sector, create a bespoke tax system for freelancers, simplify Making Tax Digital and maintain the current rate of NICs.

IPSE also wants to see improved pension provisions, fairer parental benefits and improved access to the Lifetime ISA. We want to see more tax-deductible training for new skills and further integration of self-employment and enterprise education in curriculums.

Our manifesto also calls for improved infrastructure, faster broadband nationwide, incentivised use of workhubs and more powers for the small business commissioner.

A Contract with the Self-Employed is just the beginning of our engagement with policy makers. We will be working tirelessly over the coming weeks, months and years to ensure the government delivers on the calls set out in this manifesto.

A Contract with the Self-Employed can be read in full here.

Meet the author

Chris Bryce

Chief Executive

Chris was one of the original 2,000 members of the organisation when it was formed as the Professional Contractors Group in 1999 and was a long-time contractor with a strong client base in global scale change management.

Before becoming a contractor Chris had a career in sales and marketing followed by 10 years in senior management in the logistics industry. Chris was appointed as Interim CEO in June 2013 and accepted the role permanently in December 2013.