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In the increasingly competitive world of self-employment, it is important to ensure you stay ahead of your game. Taking training provides an opportunity to up-skill, re-skill and set yourself apart from the rest of the competition. More importantly, it can help you to achieve your next project or role - and increase your rates. Investing in yourself gives you the opportunity to improve both you and your business.

Get that job that’s slightly out of reach

If you’re a freelancer, you can put yourself forward for a new project but miss out purely on not having one qualification or certification on your CV. Or you can be perfect for a role but not get through the filtering process. This can happen time and time again.

You could have all the experience and skills a prospective client needs but can’t seem to get in front of them to demonstrate it. Having relevant industry specific training can help you get through that barrier. Do your research and always ask for feedback to identify what training or certifications could put yourself at the top.

Broaden your offering or changing direction

If your business has a very specific niche, it’s great to be aware of where your strengths lie and what your “USP” is. But you may be considering broadening your offering to introduce new skills to your prospective clients. The world of work is changing, fast, and we will sometimes need to be open to adapting our offering; or even a change in career. To stay ahead, always consider what training could develop the new skills you need to adapt and take your business in a new direction.  

Hone your business skills

Working for yourself not only involves you being great at what you do - you also need to have the business knowledge to succeed. Introductions to marketing, business accounting, law, negotiating, project management etc. ensures that your business succeeds and you can keep doing what you’re good at.  

Think about raising your day rate

Setting your day rate is notoriously difficult, and when it comes to raising it, many find it too awkward a subject. But ask yourself – what is your worth? Chances are, it’s probably a lot more than your current day rate. Whatever your profession, as a freelancer you’re responsible for your sick pay, holiday pay, for any equipment you need, and your own training – and your client should pay this premium in return for the flexibility and expertise you provide.

As you gain experience and additional training, it is worth reassessing your rates every couple of years. New qualifications, certifications or training will give you the confidence and foundation for you to increase your rates.

Do something for you

Ever really wanted to learn something new, just for you? A new language? A new hobby? Yes, learning is important for your role, but doing something beyond work gives you time to develop yourself personally and refocus. Broadening your hobbies and interests also gives you additional connection-power at networking events, finding a common ground makes building relationships easier. Remember, people buy from people. So, what are you interested in?

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Lydia Wakefield

Education and Training Manager