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Brunel University joins IPSE to support the next generation of freelancers

IPSE is partnering with Brunel University to help support and develop the next generation of freelancers. IPSE has also renewed its highly successful partnership with Middlesex University, which won the 2017 IPSE award for Partner of the Year.

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IPSE is now partnered with 11 universities across the UK, offering support and advice to students looking to move into self-employment – when they graduate, or even while they are studying.

Brunel University already supports freelancers and entrepreneurs through its Innovation Hub, but it is partnering with IPSE to open the door for more students to freelance – during their time at university and beyond.

Through IPSE, Brunel will have access to freelancing guides and business materials for its students. Aspiring freelancers will also be able to attend IPSE workshops and events, as well as receiving a wide range of support materials and regular industry and policy updates. With IPSE, they will have all the latest information about pursuing a self-employed career. 

Chris Bryce, IPSE’s CEO, commented: “At IPSE, we’re committed to helping not just the self-employed community of today, but also the freelancers of tomorrow. That’s why going into partnership with Brunel is another important step in the right direction: it will give hundreds more budding freelancers the knowledge and support they need. It is also very exciting to renew our partnership with Middlesex University, who have already done so much for their self-employed students in the two years we have been working with them. We look forward to an even more productive year ahead.”

Emmy Botterman, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Consultant at Brunel University, commented: “The Innovation Hub at Brunel University London provides advice and support for entrepreneurial students who are interested in creating a start-up or starting out as a freelancer. With a growing number of students choosing to become self-employed, we’re excited to be partnering with IPSE to offer even more specialised and practical support for those choosing to establish and develop freelance careers.” 

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