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Homebuying in the pandemic: over half of freelancers feel they are penalised for being self-employed

New research from IPSE and CMME explores how the pandemic has made homebuying even more challenging for freelancers.

IPSE: Drop to 2013-level self-employment is “stark warning” that freelancers need support in the Budget

IPSE says the drop in self-employed numbers should be a "sharp warning" to the government ahead of the Budget.

IPSE: Uber ruling shows “glaring need for clarity” in UK gig economy and employment law

IPSE has responded to the Supreme Court Uber ruling, saying it shows the need for "urgent" clarification of UK employment law.

IPSE research: freelancers are now working more for less

IPSE's latest Confidence Index finds at the end of 2020 freelancers were cutting their rates and working more hours.

IPSE research: Over 1 in 3 freelancers will struggle to pay their tax bill after financial hit of pandemic

New IPSE research reveals the damaging impact of the 2020 tax bill on the self-employed after the financial hit of the pandemic.

IPSE: “no excuse” for government not to support the new self-employed now

Ahead of the fourth round of SEISS, IPSE has urged government to look again at excluded groups - particularly the newly self-employed.

IPSE in response to Public Accounts Committee: “hopelessly outdated” tax system played “key part” in support gaps

IPSE has supported a Public Accounts Committee report and condemned the UK's outdated tax system for its 'key part' in the gaps in support.

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