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CDC: the future of self-employed pensions?

Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) pensions. On the face of it, not something that’s likely to fire your enthusiasm on any given day. But look deeper and it’s actually a very important development for the UK’s ‘vulnerable self-employed’ – and something that could be a lot more interesting than you think.

HMRC have lost yet another IR35 case. If they don’t understand IR35, how on earth do they expect businesses to?

IPSE's Andy Chamberlain on HMRC's latest IR35 defeat and what it means for the self-employed.

The CDC Pension: what is it and why should you care?

IPSE's Jonathan Lima-Matthews on the new kind of pension that could be a big opportunity for the UK's vulnerable self-employed.

Spring Statement: Hammond bullish amid Brexit chaos

IPSE's Ryan Barnett on Philip Hammond's Spring Statement and what it could mean for the self-employed

Everything you need to know about getting a mortgage if you're self-employed

IPSE Partner CMME have created this helpful guide outlining everything you need to know about getting a mortgage if you're self-employed.

John McDonnell: Economic crisis, vulnerable workers and… a Labour alternative?

IPSE's Ryan Barnett and Jonathan Lima-Matthews on John McDonnell's speech at Bloomberg and its implications for the self-employed.

International Women's Day 2019 - Meet some of the women of IPSE

Today, we want to celebrate the women of #teamIPSE. We've spoken to IPSE staff and members alike about their ideas around the International Women's Day theme of #BalanceforBetter. We also wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate their greatest accomplishments. Meet some of the women of IPSE...

Want to sort the Loan Charge? Try fixing IR35

IPSE's Andy Chamberlain on why the Loan Charge fiasco and IR35 aren't as disconnected as you might think...