What's in a name?

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You want your domain name to be memorable, easy to find, and easy to promote. Perhaps surprisingly, your business name might not be the best name for your site. 

Be memorable

There are millions of domain names our there - you want to set yourself apart.

Make it easy to type

'Creative' spelling (e.g. Xperteez) can make it hard for customers to find your site.

Keep it short

Short names are more memorable.

Be unique

It can feel like 'all the good ones are taken'. Do some searching. When you buy your domain, the registrar will confirm that your chosen name is available.

Consider keywords

Keywords are phrases that desicribe what you do. Include terms that people enter when searching for your product category (e.g. 'Dublin coffee'). This can improve your search engine rank and increase traffic to your site. Check out the Google Adwords Keyword Planner when coming up with possible names.

Choose your extension(s)

Some have specific uses (e.g. .ORG and .ORG.UK are for non-profit organisations). Consider purchasing many or all of the available extensions for your name - you don't want a competitor launching a .NET version of your .COM website.

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