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Smart finances for the self-employed

We understand that taking care of your money can seem rather daunting for many freelancers. That is why, to complement our regular magazine, Modern Work, we created My Money – a hub of advice, information and ideas on all things freelance finance, including credit scores and co-working spaces to pensions and taking control of your taxes.

Working with IPSE’s partners from across the world of self-employment, we’re committed to bringing you a magazine that offers all the support you need as a freelancer to manage your money.


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Tackling late payments as a contractor

It's a story that contractors and freelancers are all too familiar with: you complete your contract, you send your invoice, wait for payment, and then nothing. The payment deadline comes and goes, and the money still isn’t in your bank account.

Tax-deductible expenses

If you are self-employed, you are running a micro-business. Businesses incur costs: you pay for things which are vital to the running of that business. In the case of freelancers, these can be different to a typical business.