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We understand that taking care of your money can seem rather daunting for many freelancers. That is why, to complement our regular magazine, Modern Work, we created My Money – a hub of advice, information and ideas on all things freelance finance, including credit scores and co-working spaces to pensions and taking control of your taxes.

Working with IPSE’s partners from across the world of self-employment, we’re committed to bringing you a magazine that offers all the support you need as a freelancer to manage your money.


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Not-so solo self-employed

Going freelance doesn't have to mean going it alone. Tristan Grove speaks to software developer Rich Daley and speech and accent coach Luke Nicholson about collaboration.

The Big 10 with Sarah Graham

From working as a deputy editor for Feminist Times, to content editing at Google Arts & Culture, it’s safe to say that Sarah Graham has a wealth of experience in journalism and copy writing. Sarah’s passion and knowledge have led her to be an award-winning freelance health journalist, and founder of the feminist women’s health blog Hysterical Women. My Money caught up with Sarah to find out more and ask her our top 10 money questions.

The path to prosperity: How to improve the financial wellbeing of the self-employed

A recent report by IPSE and Sherpa found that the economic health of the self-employed is divided, with just over half (52%) saying they are satisfied with their financial wellbeing. The report, titled The path to prosperity: What financial wellbeing looks like for the selfemployed, also found that nine in 10 self-employed people worry at least occasionally about their financial situation. Inna Yordanova explains these findings in this feature.

What's in a name?

You want your domain name to be memorable, easy to find, and easy to promote. Check out these top tips from PayPal on how to choose a domain name.

Monster Mortgages: ask the expert

Ask the expert: Monster mortgages are a strong topic of conversation in the media at the moment, but the jury is still our on the verdict. CMME provides a breakdown on what they are, how they work, who can apply, the pros and cons involved and the alternatives available.