IPSE Freelancer Awards 2023: Sustainability Award Winner

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Andrew Marlow

Freelance sustainability consultant Andrew Marlow, of onePlanet Solutions Ltd, won recognition at the IPSE Freelancer Awards 2023 for multiple projects that have seen firms in the UK and around the world develop greener processes, winning the Sustainability Award.

Recent successes include supporting four construction firms to cut landfill waste whilst saving tens of thousands of pounds each, and helping 14 large businesses to understand their combined carbon footprint of 500,000 tonnes and begin their transition to Net Zero by 2030. Andrew has recently been contracted to the European Commission’s LIFE programme, which assesses environmental and sustainability projects across the European Union.

As well as supporting his clients, Andrew has adopted numerous sustainable practices within his business – including using solar panels to become self-sufficient in electricity and heating, cutting his business’ annual travel bill from £35,000 to £1,000 in three years, and switching to an electric vehicle to cut tailpipe emissions.

The Sustainability Award celebrates a freelance business or individual consciously working greener and cleaner and who knows how important small changes in daily practices can be to achieving net-zero.

The judges said that Andrew “runs the gamut of planet-protecting, in their personal life but professionally too, with one project alone seeing six businesses save £20,000 each, simply from the winner’s expert know-how on looking after our world better.”

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